Lean Enterprise

Could we help your organization implement the lean principles throughout your processes in order to eliminate waste and improve productivity?

FY Consulting has over 15 years of experience in the application of lean principles to the manufacturing and service industries and utilizes the following workshops during the implementation process:

Lean Enterprise- Introduction

This workshop introduces the Lean concepts to members of the organization. It is designed with the need to communicate effectively the fundamental concepts of Lean Enterprise to all the employees. The participants will be trained in applying Lean techniques, tools and processes by using a systematic approach to identifying and eliminating waste in their work processes and instituting a philosophy of continuous improvement.

Lean Enterprise- Value Stream Mapping

This workshop will train the participants to develop operations strategy that embraces Lean Principles using a tool called value stream mapping. With Value Stream Mapping, the participants can easily illustrate the movement of information and materials used in their processes. It helps identify waste throughout the entire system. All participants will understand and have participated in the analysis of a critical process and based upon data collected will recommend / initiate improvement plans for the process evaluated. This training workshop will help the participants develop and implement a plan to eliminate waste, improve product flow and produce to meet customer demands.

Lean Enterprise- Implementing 5S For Workplace Organization

This workshop will train the participants not only on the principles of 5S, but empower them to take ownership from implementation through to maintaining their workplace organization. It will result in higher productivity, fewer defects and lost material, meeting deadlines better and a much safer place to work.

Lean Enterprise- “Pull/Kanban Systems” Workshop

This workshop will train the participants to design an effective Pull System that will control the flow of information and materials throughout the operations. The participants will be trained in the six-step approach to design, implementation and maintenance of Pull Systems. Further, the participant will be exposed to the application of Pull Systems to different production environments. The successful implementation of the Pull System typically reduces inventory while achieving high levels of customer service. It accomplishes these two critical objectives through the use of simple and visual means instead of relying heavily on computer based material management systems.

Lean Enterprise- Administrative Lean with Implementation

Participants will be able to plan and improve transactional processes and use lean tools effectively. They will be able to standardize and maintain the improvements. Topics covered in this workshop include:

Lean Enterprise- “Total Productive Maintenance” Workshop

This workshop will train the participants to develop a process to maximize the productivity of their equipment for its entire life. Total Productive Maintenance fosters an environment where improvement efforts in safety, quality, delivery, cost and creativity are encouraged through the participation of all employees. The goal of Total Productive Maintenance is to maximize the organization’s Overall Equipment Effectiveness and to reduce equipment downtime to zero while improving quality and capacity.

For additional information on the implementation of lean principles, email frank@fyconsulting.com or call 908-875-7466.